- online mindmapping

Online application to create beautiful mind maps

Mapul - is the product for creative people. It is the unique online service that allows you to create the organic and classic styles mind maps.

Your mind maps will look interesting and memorable.

Organic mindmapping design

Handwritten mind maps

Mindmapping for study and business

Easy export to PowerPoint/PNG/SVG

Fast brainstorming

Present ideas in a unique way

Incredible business presentations

Mind mapping - What is it?

Mind mapping - is the process of creating visual diagrams, which allows to capture your ideas and share them. Hundreds of companies, educational institutions, and millions of peoples from around the world were able to assess our product and uses the mapul in schools and universities in the educational process, in companies for strategic planning and brainstorming, and for many other everyday personal and creative tasks.

Mapul - is a web application that allows you to use always the latest version of the product with any device (PC, tablet, mobile phone) without the need for updates..

Visualize and implement your ideas in new ways and share information with friends and colleagues with using mapul.

The features of mind maps are diverse.

  • They uses by students and teachers in schools and universities for the visualization of teaching materials, creating of notes of lectures and involvement of students in the learning process.
  • They are used in the business for strategic planning and brainstorming.
  • They are used for personal purposes to create a to-do lists, shopping cards and a variety cases of imaging of processes, systems and ideas.